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"SignalForForex Signals" team unites independent, prominent analysts in financial markets, who came together in 2014. The most inexperienced member has 4 years of experience in this field, and the analyst with the most experience has the 11-year statement. We are closely monitoring the market instead of you, keeping all the financial news in sight we work continuously during 5 open stock days for maximizing our clients, customers’ gains. We serve the customer's with accounts beginning from $ 100 and the large shareholders with funds available in million dollars. We are all aware that the statements are of great role together with demand-supply in ever-flexible stock markets. We adapt quickly to updated market conditions, and are constantly in search. We try our best in order our customers to earn more money and be able to manage it properly. We are proud to serve you!

Therefore, traders with years of success, PAMM accounts, and signal providers with 1000 points of monthly profit gradually fail and leave the market. As a team we strive to maintain the stability for many years. Trading strategies are constantly updated, improved, adapted to current realities. So we can surely say that our ship sails in safe waters. As one of the market participants we don’t say that we don’t lose and always win. Indeed there is no profit without loss in trading. In general the validity period of initial deposit of 95% forex market's participants is maximum 6 months. Many of them completely lose their accounts in the very first months, and the rest is in profit for a while, but within 6 months in the market they are unable to withstand the heavy commercial conditions and completely lose their money. Our team has already overcome those unsuccessful years. Now we are on the side to win. And we are one of the remaining 5% successful participants. With the trading recommendations and analysis we present you during the day you will certainly be among those 5% of winners. Customer satisfaction is the top priority of our activity.

The number one goal of "SignalForForex Signals" team is to advance all its competitors in signal provider market and to serve with quality and profit to thousands of traders who trusted their trade to us. Our team has a staff with 12 years trading experience. Based on this experience we have built our strategy on all the wishes and requests of the traders trusted on us their trading. We know our clients and competitors very well. In Forex signal providers market tens of signal providers are functioning, and to date more than 100 providers functioned, and many of them just acted for a while in the market with low quality, with unprofitable strategies and at the end left the market because of the less productivity. This means that the forex market is constantly changing. EAs (Expert Advisor), trading strategies with years of successful trading after a period of time loses their profitability.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The signals are sent via WhatsApp.
You should enter the “Payment” section in our website, select the signal package of your choice for subscription and after making payment you receive message on service subscription to your Whatsapp number.
As our service is designed to provide with signals the traders all over the world working in all trade sessions our service analysts are at work 20 hours per day. The trading day begins at (0 GMT –London time) 00:00, and ends at 20:00.
You can receive signals in major and minor pairs, gold and oil prognosis.
During the day you can receive minimum 2, and maximum 6 signals. Depending on market volatility and risk limitation the number of signals can change.
In our functioning period the average monthly result is 700 pips.
Like in any business forex trading has also risky sides. From this perspective for protecting your initial capital and profit the important issue to focus on will be the money management. Counted in lots volume our service recommends for every signal 0.01 mini lot size per 200$ deposit.
Per 1000$ - 0.04 mini lot size
Per 2000$ - 0.06 mini lot size
Per 5000 $ - 0.12 lot
Per 10 000$ - 0.2 lot
As opposed to other services we maximally try to use the pending orders. In this case because of interval between the current price and pending order price it is very convenient for the client to see the signal in time. Approximately 80% of our signals are consisted of pending orders (buy limit, sell limit and buy stop, sell stop).
Usually in order to make productive result we mark the average volume of take profit compared to stop loss volume more than 25-100%. It changes based on volatility of pairs. For example, as EURGBP pair is less volatile we use small volumes of TP and SL, but GBPNZD pair is more volatile and we use bigger SL and TP volume.
Generally for forex signals the Take profit is calculated as the possible the long distance price for a pair. During the important news release or when the volatility is down the client is immediately informed on manual order closure.
Usually the signals have two levels of Take profit. For this purpose two orders are created per one signal with little lot sizes. The Stop loss for both orders is the same, but Take Profit is marked differently as TP1 and TP2. If the first order is closed automatically at first TP1 level, the Stop loss of the second order is dragged to its opened price level. (No loss zone) But TP2 is left as it was.
Our service signals are analyzed according to MT4 trading platform. We do not corporate with any broker and therefor we recommend choosing the brokers who offer smaller spreads.
Generally, the most brokers offer much spread in major pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY … and etc.) and less spread in minor pairs ((GBPAUD, GBPCAD, EURAUD, EURCAD, EURNZD, AUDCHF and etc.). From this point we recommend that spread should be 1-2 pips for major pairs, and 2-4 pips for minor pairs. For this you can open account in brokers offering ECN account types. We must note that, the small spreads also stimulates your profit.
As the signals are sent via WhatsApp broadcast list, there are not any delay cases. If there will be any delay, it will depend on your device internet connection. To fix that issue you should contact the operator providing your device with internet service.
You can send your questions to our email address: support@signalforforex.com Your questions will be answered in short period of time.

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